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Frost Tower

640 Taylor St. - 2018 (Under Construction)


The project at 640 Taylor Street will include retail, office, parking, and residential in a 25 story tower designed by Bennett Benner Partners for Anthracite Realty Partners, LLC of Fort Worth. The building will have approximately 7,000 sq. ft. of ground floor retail, 230,000 gross square feet of office, over 900 above and below grade parking spaces and 6‐8 residential units on the top two floors. Jetta Operating Company, Inc. and Frost Bank will be the main building tenants with additional lease space available. Parking spaces for the Fort Worth Club & Morningstar have been designed into the parking garage to provide convenient access to their facilities.

Pedestrian access to the new tower will be along Taylor Street, where visitors will have access to a bank of high efficiency elevators taking them to the Sky Lobby level. This same elevator bank can also be directly accessed from all levels of the parking deck providing access to the Sky Lobby for those who park in the garage. Ground floor retail space will enliven the streetscape along 5th, Taylor and 6th Streets. The sidewalks will be integral‐color unit pavers, and planting areas will feature seasonal color and trees that have been carefully selected for their specific exposure in a downtown environment. Modern, high‐efficiency pedestrian lights will further enhance the pedestrian experience by providing a well illuminated streetscape at the building perimeter. The Sky Lobby will feature views of surrounding downtown buildings as well as a security & visitor check‐in area that guests will pass through on their way to the office tower elevator bank. This floor will also include high‐tech conference facilities described further below.

As currently planned, the office floors in the new tower will be clad with a contemporary façade featuring a combination of high efficiency insulating glass curtain wall, metal panel, and a metal louver system. The parking structure will be clad with a combination of curtain wall, and metal louver system, allowing air and light to flow into the garage while also blocking views into the garage from the street. The ground floor lobby will be clad in mullionless “Pilkington” double height glass walls. When completed, the building will be 368 feet, and the city's 7th tallest.

Rendering images furnished by Bennett Benner Partners.









Construction Photos - 01-27-2018