Architecture in Fort Worth

Bank of America Tower

301 Commerce Street - 1984; 2017 

Also Known As Sundance Square Tower II

D.R. Horton Tower
City Center Tower II

The Bank of America Tower was built as a part of a two building complex called, City Center, which has now been folded into Sundance Square.  These two towers were designed by Paul Rudolph of New York City Although the towers are not twins, they do resemble each other in the fact that both structures in plan are shaped like pinwheels, creating many corner offices.  The bases of both buildings are carved away creating covered areas beneath them.  At the tops, each arm of the pinwheel stops at different levels, finally culminating with only the elevator penthouses left.  This makes the penthouses look as if they are a part of the sculpture of the glass buildings rather than the functional elements that they are.  The buildings are home to many of Fort Worth's Premier corporations and this building is named after Bank of America, which building a bank lobby addition to the building.  Paradise Grill is a retail tenant on the second floor. The D.R. Horton Tower is 38 stories (547 feet) and is the city's second tallest building. The tower is 820,509 square feet.  City Club, a private dining and athletic club, is located in this building.  There are two parking garages that serve the buildings and Sundance Square with free parking on the evenings and weekends.  The complex was built by Linbeck Construction Company.